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Get out of debt: Smart credit card plan

You don't have to literally cut up your credit cards, but you must stop using them routinely if you're serious about paying off your balances also its a good idea to payoff all you cash loans like paycheck advance and payroll loans.

Go green. For everyday spending, carry around a set amount of cash to use each week. You will find that you make better purchasing decisions when you actually have to fork over the green stuff and there's a preset limit on what you can spend -- when you run out of money, you stop. Payday loans are a great help, but try to limit their use.

Make debit your backup. When only plastic will do (if you're buying online, for instance), use your debit card. The debit card can also serve as an emergency substitute for cash if you run out.

Leave your cards at home. Enforce the cooling off period on new credit purchases by taking the cards out of your wallet. Store them in a place that's not easily accessible (in a safe-deposit box, maybe, or frozen in a block of ice).

Don't close the accounts. Having unused credit available from lenders with whom you've had long relationships will help boost your credit score. Always keep your online cash advance and payday loans up to date.

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